We are a team of responsible work that seeks to increase the productive potential of the Amazon region Baures, committing to the socio-economic development of the communities, preserving their ancestral indigenous culture while preserving the environment through the production of a fine, exquisite and unique organic cacao liquor and its derivatives. We are committed to our customers and to all who are part of our cacao chain, therefore we offer a pure and aromatic chocolate with excellent quality. Through our work and our final product, we want to improve the quality of life of every person who has a Baure chocolate in his hands, giving happiness, pleasure and health at the moment of tasting it.



We intend to strengthen our position as a highly recognized and respected brand of fine chocolate, taking leadership in the international production of wild and organic chocolate, positioning the wild Bolivian cacao as a unique species in the world with origin denomination. We are committed to protecting the environment, the conservation of wild cacao, the preserving the Baures culture and improving the quality of life of the people.



Behind every valuable product, there should be an equally remarkable story behind it. Baure is no exception, is story about nature, adventure and passion. For David and Marcela, wild chocolate pioneers in Bolivia, learning about wild cocoa and working in the Bolivian Amazon, went from being a crazy venture to become a project, within which still now dwells a dream. The dream of becoming a world reference when talking about wild organic cocoa.


It all begins when Marcela and David arrive at the village of Baures, they spoke with a lot of people, did surveys and researches looking for ways to learn more about the culture and customs of the inhabitants of this municipality.


Indeed, on February 1st of 2001, SUMAR Ltda. is constituted with the purpose of producing cacao liquor (cocoa paste) on-site. The new company establishes its production point in this municipality and thus begins to work giving value-added to the wild cacao, thereby promoting the sustainable development in this region.

CHOCOLATE BAURE is certified as an organic product and wild collection with the seal of Ceres GmbH, certification which remains up to date. This certification launched BAURE CHOCOLATE at national and international fairs and that was the beginning of the relationship with international markets demanding organic products.

First chocolate machines are acquired and obtained first professional training with years of experience in the business, which led to work under standards of excellence. Since then and until today, SUMAR has consistently improved its chocolate processing techniques and has also improved its harvesting and post-harvesting techniques, standardizing the quality of the wild beans in order to achieve the excellence of the chocolate from the tree to the bar.




 In Santa Cruz a small factory is established for refining the cacao liqueur produced in Baures. 
In September of 2013, in the town of Baures, the company’s facilities were inaugurated for the processing and benefit of wild cacao.



 In Santa Cruz the first property store is stablished to sell products and handmade byproducts to approach our costumer base more directly.

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